Not misplacing tablet pens

So I seem to be the kind of person who walks around when I’m painting. Also I seem to fidget with the wacom pen, and end up stuffing it into a pocket or, worse, in random locations… This time, when I last left the workstation, I didn’t leave the pen on the desk or, apparently, put it in a pocket either, which was a problem this morning! Where is it?!

Long story short, I gave up on finding it, figuring I must have had it in my pant pocket and it’s probably fallen on the car seat as I rushed to get the kids from daycare. The wife has that car today, so… I resigned myself to doing some cleaning instead and as I was putting a duffel bag in a suitcase, where we keep all the random travel bags that get used infrequently, I found it. I had placed the black pen in a crease on the navy blue suitcase, in the dimly-lit attic I work in. It’s just kind of on the way to the stairs, so I guess I just placed the pen there without thinking. Man. It could have taken me months to find it.

Apart from, you know, putting the pen back on the desk, maybe in its holder, any tips on making it easier to find? I’m considering wrapping some reflective tape on the top part of the shaft, so at least it would shine back when hit with a flashlight beam… Maybe these things should come in fluorescent colours.

If you buy a bulk pack of cheap biros, you can have more than one pen in every room of the house and the car and the garage and the garden shed.
That way, you’ll always be able to find a pen after a short search.
There is a possibility that this will encourage your children to give you custom wallpaper but that will add character to your home.

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Sorry, I should have been more specific. I meant the Wacom pen…

Use a length of string to tie it to your wrist? Your wife can do it for you with a tight knot that needs two hands to unfasten it. That way you won’t loose it and she can take it off for you before bedtime.

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Not bad, although I suspect I’m going to end up with stylus soup when cooking :smiley: Maybe I should tie myself to the desk, that should remind me that I need to do something before getting up.


Tie the pen to your workspace with a decent length cord so you can work with it comfortably.



The disadvantage of Wireless accessories. :slight_smile:

Tape an apple tag on it for true wireless experience

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Switch to a Quantel Paintbox. It has the string technology built in.

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