Not obvious rules

I just joined and I have no idea how to enable posting my artwork.
It’s hard to find information how this forum functions…

OK no I know that you can’t post new topic in Artwork main category but you have to go into subforum. It’s not obvious at all. I thought I can’t post because limitation of my new account.

You can drag&drop, you can post a link or choose this little picture icon in the text editor.
You should be able to post at least one artwork even being the zero-day first-level user… Do you get any error messages or something?

My problem was that I didn’t know that I have to go into subcategory like “Finished Artworks” to make “New Topic” button active. I felt a bit lost in UI :smiley:

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Where do you think this information should be provided? Pinned post, or something like that?

Maybe Kikibot when welcoming could give an invitation to post your first artwork and short info how to do it.
That would probably be first thing ppl notice.

There is a New Topic button on right hand side top above the featured images on the homepage itself. You can also create topic from any category and choose a different category while editing the post.