Not really a question...but Re: Windows 11

I "upgraded’ my computers to win 11 … this main one last after making sure others were working…

I’ve had two unusual crashes today where Krita just exits (without saving my work of course…whatever was last saved).

I have not changed anything other than the OS - Win 10 → Win 11 and I’ve never had Krita exit or even crash since I’ve been using it last couple of versions, most extensively with 4.4.5 and 4.4.8

Don’t want to raise a red-flag or issue yet but am going to keep an eye on it and will let you know.

Anyone else already jumped on the Win-11 bandwagon? Any issues?


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Good thing you mentioned. I have not upgraded to Windows 11 yet since my processor is the only thing that’s incompatible with it. I am fine with Windows 10.

I have heard from reviews that Windows 11 has removed so much features that everybody liked. You can’t even mess with your taskbar anymore.

But that was your choice of upgrading. I’m not saying it was a bad choice, I believe Windows 11 is a good OS. I’m just not used to its features yet.

But I will say, Windows 11 is more “secure” on its anti-virus features. I think that may be the reason why Krita has been crashing for you somehow. Maybe turning to the Windows Store version (if you already have it) will probably fix the issue, since it’s on a trusted Windows source? Correct me if I’m wrong.

Yeah, this is not the place…maybe a thread in the Lounge Area…but Yeah I really liked the new look and feel and operation…seems a smidge faster…when the work-around scripts were released at Github and even by MS I thought I’d give it a on some old machines I had lying around…liked it and had no issues so went ahead with the bypass and update on this main laptop… as they say… We’ll See!!

i’ve update to windows 11 too but i didn’t encounter crash but i use the beta versions…

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Good to Know! Thanks @mako !

May of course be completely unrelated to Win 11…just never had it happen before… :frowning:

Just want to say I’ve worked with Krita quite a bit today on Win 11 and had no issues…

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Just a final follow-up. I’ve not had this issue happen for almost a week now and using Krita quite a bit to finish up my current WIP…

Must been some transitory glitch…

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