November so far

i still like to start painting as drawings, guess i’ll never grow out of that


Beautiful pose and expression.

Amazing! Really inspires me to draw more instead of just painting!


Thanks everyone! What do you think of the finish? Too much color?!

… nah, never too much color


This is nice! My personal opinion would be to add a bit of contrast. But this can be subjective :slight_smile:


Really nice! Did you do the color on a multiply layer or do you use some secret Harry Potter wizard tricks?

First, Very nice work. And also I agree wth raghukamath. I love pastel tonalities but maybe bigger contrast on eyes to focus over some point attention could improve it. Any case, it’s awaysome work!

Woah, those colors are lovely. I’m surprised that even with so low saturation you’ve achieved such wonderful results :slight_smile:

I love this piece. I don’t think it needs more contrast. It’s great as it is :slightly_smiling_face:

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yeah, i can see that now that i’ve had some time away from it. I’ve tried out some shifts in Krita, but i can’t find a balance i like with just adjustments (edges get too hard). I’ll keep it in mind for me next piece. Thanks for the feedback!

hahaha - no secret tricks or layers - i use a single paint layer (unless i’m experimenting) and i mix on that layer with the brush. i try to start with a vibrant color and mix into it to get the right color/value

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Thanks @Dinoforce!

Nice, Yep I still find a solid drawing is the best way to start a painting.

Amazing work