Nude Study


I think I went too brown with everything , although I remembered to balance it out with some reds. :smiley: I realized while working on these that I should study some skeletons and muscle. Got really lost when working on her back.
Critique , tips are very much welcomed!


Inaccurate proportions, excessive angularity.

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Pretty good, but it looks kinda… Flat I think. The forms aren’t that clear and as you said: the back is quite ambiguous. Just do some squinting and break the forms into simple shapes so shading them is easier.
Keep at it!

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I agree with some of the critiques here, colour wise it feels to whiteish, some reds are missing. One thing I would suggest for you to do is to draw over the painting the shapes that build the body, not necessarily tracing the image. Use this to understand about the structure of the pose, and then try to do it just looking at the reference in a new document.

Hope it helps, good luck on your future endeavours!

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Who cares about exact proportions.

What I feels is that is looses volume not due to color but due to some concave shapes. Especially on her back and leg. Bodies always or most of the time can/should be drawn only using convex shapes.


Thank you all for the feedback! I will try my best next study to follow on everything!

Those are not bad. You might want to grid out the drawing next time to help you keep everything in proportion.