Nyaaa's Lickable Paws

I’m that kind of artist that doesn’t like his own artworks anymore after just a couple of days, that’s why I rarely hang them in my house or anywhere where I have to see them. This one is one of the rare exceptions. I still like it even though I did it a year ago and even use it as a wallpaper on my phone. “Unfortunately” the original print was sold on an auction.

Maybe one or two of you remember this from the interview section of Krita’s website.

My works usually have some kind of short story that goes with them. This one was about the depicted character Nyaaa being a local sweets dealer known for his delicious Lollipawps.


lol :laughing: nailed it :ok_hand:

I really like this picture as well. It has this “something” that makes it interesting and stick to your mind.

Also, Lollipawps :stuck_out_tongue:

If only I could find out what that something is, so I could replicate it and improve on it for future artworks. x3
I mean, it’s not very special in terms of perspective or setup, but still it has something to it.

it’s the expressiveness of the eye and the face (that look just gets to you). Aided by the contrast between the light from the window (background) and the colors of Nyaaa’s fur and hair - thus gives the whole piece a center of attention.

If I had to guess, I would say it might be the pose and the expression. It’s human-like, of course, and human brain makes us interested in social situations more than any others, so every picture with a person is more interesting than without a person, and when this person is also very expressive and looking at you in a not-neutral way, that makes it even more engaging, I guess.

Can’t edit my original post anymore but I just remembered that I have a time lapse of the painting.


Video editing is done with Blender recording with OBS.

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