Odd selection of threads lifted to front page

What logic does the forum software apply to decide which threads to show under each category on the front page? It seems odd that, for example, the September monthly contest thread is there even though it has been inactive for a while , and the October one is not. I would have thought the recently active threads get lifted to front page, but it seems something else is going on?

For me October is first because it’s pinned even has a little :pushpin: next to it, the rest is sorted by activity.

In the top categories pinned topics of sub-categories seem to be at the top of each group, which is kinda weird, I’d expect them to be at the top all times but because of the grouping unpinned threads sometimes appear between them.

@Takiro is this on mobile or desktop?I should have mentioned I was on my phone… This is what I get on the front page

I was on mobile and inside a category already.

For the category overview it seems like pinned topics are hidden (which makes sense, otherwise they would take the place forever) and then all topics from all sub-categories are taken, sorted by activity and then it shows the first few. That’s why the latest contest topic is missing despite having more recent activity and then older threads fill the space.