Oekaki inspired brush set

Its a bit more complicated to describe what Oekaki is, but I will try, aha.

Oekaki is a website/forum with an online drawing app. It allows you to draw pictures using a graphic program placed on the server and posting them on the forum. There are no images sent from the disk, but they are drawn directly in the browser using a mouse or tablet.
The article where you can read more:

When I was only discovering digital art, Oekaki boards were pretty important for me, they were fun to use and if you check people still use it and create really nice art with this “app”.
Sadly many of them don`t work for me anymore, and I felt really nostalgic, so decided why not to try to recreate the brushes from there?
In a simple term, oekaki creates small art (300 - 1000 px at most), low resolution, pretty sharp brushes and of course pixelated and tone brushes.
And that is what I tried to a degree recreate. owo
Its a small set, created just for fun and nostalgia, but who knows, maybe you will like it too~




Yeah, I think the main oekaki program was a java application? And both java applets and flash got phased out the past few decades because there were too many security issues with them (Nowadays, all those security issues have moved to JavaScript! Progress!).

Another one of the problems it has is that webbrowsers just kinda ignore your tablet so by default there would be no pressure sensitivity. Wacom had this little browser extension thingy that Oekaki could use, but of course that’s only for wacom and not any other tablet would be able to use that.

I suspect the least painful way to do this nowadays is to have a plugin that takes the drawing from a drawing program to a social media website, (KritaToot does something like this, allowing quick posting to mastodon). But I guess half the fun is that it is then posted into a given community, as the big websites feel a little like shouting into the void…

Glad you like!
Its complicated, java does not really work for me that much.
And also I really wanted to create oekaki like arts without going on the Internet owo
And there is no another app that was created to imitate it, so I just decided to recreate it on my own. Art is also about having fun and there was not a single reason for me no to do it, and so I did, haha.