"Of the Lesser Known Spirits"

This was a short animation dedicated to the three most impactful games (from start to end: Hollow Knight, Journey, Okami) I have played that have been a huge influence in inspiring me to start animation in the first place. The worlds they create were ones with dreams and hope, sung beautifully through the storyline, music, and gameplay. This 3 week project was mainly for my zine class, in which I designed and hand-made a 3 part flipbook of the frames to go along with the animation.

While the reception was lacking at my class, I hope others can find more enjoyment out of it.

Thanks to @hellozee for letting me know about this wonderful website!


No worries, btw you can embed gif and videos in your post, :slight_smile:

Sorry if this is something I should know, but how can I do that? I did try uploading (file was too big) but I’m assuming that’s not what you’re talking about.

you can drag and drop the gif in the editor here.

unfortunately this gif is very large, about 44Mb. even so, the quality is drastically compressed and artifacts are everywhere >.<

if you have a video uploaded somewhere it would be best to put the link of the video here. :slight_smile:

Haven’t really uploaded anywhere other than technically discord. Thanks for the tip, the discord link worked at least ^.^