Omni Search for commands

Omnibar search for commands

I started to use krita again and I noticed that there is a feature that I use a lot on every software
The feature in question is an Search bar that can be called with a simple shortcut and allow to go through all the commands possible or even to focus some elements.

I think this is very practical because you just need to remember the name of the command or a few keywords instead of remembering the shortcuts or the menu paths. (even a slow typer at 20words per minute can find any command under the 10 seconds marks even if he never used it before)

Here is a few example of omnibars that I use everyday (Blender, Vscode,)

Already in 5.0, it’s on Ctrl+Enter and called ‘Search Actions’


Do we need the “solved” tag in this subcategory too?

Is this a rhetorical question?
There is nothing wrong with it, it helps against topics being extended to infinity even though the feature is already implemented. The question is, are these infinite topics a common occurrence in this subforum? Start a poll, or decide for yourself, you are admin.
And if someone has a really good addition to a topic, this user must create a reference to the closed topic in his new topic.



Best thing I think is to move this kind of question in #support:general-questions category, because finally it’s more a question about something that already exists than a feature request…