On canvas dab angle and opacity "draggable"

Ello, first time here on KA. hopefully im not posting things that have already been discussed …

Not all tablets support tilt direction, so I believe anyone using a flat brush would benefit from a on-the-go, on canvas, dab angle “slider”, comparable with the Shift+Left click Krita already has.

The Alt is not a default canvas input keybind, so Alt+Left Click could control this “draggable”, discretly (every 15°) or smoothly. I imagine this working by:

  • Locking the preview outline in place,
  • Making a circle with an arrow on it (see 2nd img)
  • Then letting the user control it (like 3rd img)

I’m aware that the pop-up pallete already has a slider for the angle, and it works perfectly. but it’s not as intuitive, because the user doesnt have live feedback, they have to guess it.

So, for example, this dab shape:

When pressing Alt

…And pressing Left click, the arrow follows the cursor:

Also, It would be nice to have one of these “draggables” for opacity too, again, very similar to the Shift+left click .
This time without a default keybind (or maybe Ctrl+Shift+Left Click) and a solid brush tip preview appear on the cursor. dragging up and down increases and decreases opacity, respectively (but it could be left and right as well)

Like this:

note: I’m not familliar with coding, so i cant provide technical details, unfornately. these are just ideas i had… Also, if this is too difficult or even impossible to do, please do let me know


This would be a good idea for those without tilt.

I thought it might be possible to at least add a shortcut for incrementing/decrementing angle with a plugin, but setting the angle is not exposed to the python API.

If it was, making a script/plugin as a temporary workaround would be trivial. Even for those of us with tilt, it is useful sometimes to change between 0 and 90 degree brushes or increment in x degrees.

I did a bit of research and found this post: Modify Brush Angle . It unfortunately looks like it’s a bit more complicated than it seems because not all brush engines have an angle property.

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Yes there is stuff lacking to be exposed to the API. My tela is made to handle this stuff too but is limited now and kinda on hold.

If people find they are missing things in the libkis API, they should add it and make a merge request. Adding things to the libkist API is not rocket-science, and is, in the long run, a lot more beneficial than endless external work-arounds.

It might be a bit more work initially, and it might mean we’re going to ask for changes to a merge request, but we’re not the Qt Company that goes around demanding CLA’s and stuff.

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For sure. thats one of the reasons i made this suggestion, and to make krita a bit more tactile, instead of clicks and buttons, gestures and movement, to make certain actions.

But if i’m understanding correctly, seems like there are some bigger barriers ahead…
Anyways, Thanks for the replies!

I did take a look to see if it was a matter of just exposing something that was easily accesible with a few lines, in which case I would have submitted a quick MR, but I followed how size/opacity are being set and they’re handled all the way over in KoCanvasResourceProvider which I’m not familiar with and do not really understand on first look. Also somebody had tried in the thread I linked to but had not managed apparently.