ONE BRUSH painting.

for this painting, I used only one brush, the default Krita airbrush.
I find this approach very sweet. in my next painting, I will try one brush on one layer.
you can see the process on my YouTube channel.
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This is beautiful. I love one-brush paintings – they remind me to spend less time testing fancy brushes and more time painting.


Thank you. I think so too. I think this approach is the best way to enjoy and learn painting.


Very impressive

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Thank you :pray:

This shows that the tools are not the most important factor for a great drawing. Awesome mate!

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Thank you. really, the tools are not the important factor.

I also once installed a lot of brushes, but I use only a few.

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Our congratulations! I always see speed arts with different brushes, in order to streamline the process. It’s amazing how you can produce such realistic and immersive work with just one type of brush! Krita is wonderful but in the hands of a skilled artist it gets even better!

NOTE: I love viewing the kittens you produced on Krita! Save everyone on my Instagram… :heart_eyes:

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