One by Wacom - scrolling problem

Hi there,

I’m using Krita (4.4.8) on MacOS (11.6) with the One by Wacom tablet. I used one of the buttons on the pen to scroll the canvas up and down, and it worked perfectly until the summer. Now, when I started to use this setup again, the scrolling doesn’t seem to work as before.

When I want to move the canvas, it zooms in or out.

In any other app and even in the setting of Krita I can scroll using this button, but not on the canvas. All my softwares and drivers are up-to-date. I couldn’t figure out a solution, so I hope you can help me find a solution or a workaround, or just assure me that I’m not alone with this problem.

Thanks for the replies!


Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Something has changed, probably in your One tablet settings.
I don’t know the Mac at all but please try the following:

Does the Wacom setup utility on Mac have the ability to create separate profiles for different applications?
If it does, make a new profile for krita (while krita is running) and then select that profile in future if you need to make changes.
If you’ve already done that, delete the existing krita profile and make a new one.
Press the OK (or whatever) button after making changes and then close the Wacom utility.

In the Wacom utility, is that button, which is supposed to scroll, set to give a Space or a Middle-Click. Either should work for scroll but I use the Middle-Click.

Can you scroll by pressing the Space key and using mouse/stylus movement or by using the mouse Middle-button and mouse move?

Zooming in and out is done with Ctrl+Space or by Ctrl+Middle-button.
Do those work using Ctrl+Space and mouse/stylus movement or by using Ctrl+Middle-button and mouse movement?

Thank you for your quick and useful answer.

I’ve changed the function of the button from ‘Scroll’ to ‘Middle Click’ and now it works perfectly.
I’ve also attached a screenshot of this setting so that others might find the solution easily:

Thank you again, best wishes,

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