One single brush to challenge myself. And you? how challenge yourself?

Hi all, i was testing how versatile can be a Krita brush. I know we paint not with a single brush but here you have the result. I select a krita default brush and play a bit with it. Here you have the result.

So what i was changing in this image?

  • Color dynamics (hue, value, and darken)
  • Ratio. Creates perspective and allows to make vertical or horizontal stuff.
  • Angle. i used fixed and Drawing Angle
  • Masked brush feature, to make details.

Krita is always surprising me, so i decided to make 3 brushes at the end to encapsulate these behaviors. Then i framed the picture and that’s it. (I am thinking about to make a big poster, i like the colors.)

And now a 100% crop showing the brushes

Maybe more in future? hmm, maybe :wink: remember me when i was painting this. Same traditional feeling


That’s looks great!

We are all lazy :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

I most of the time use only one brush, or sometimes 2.

That’s a cool challenge! This reminds of an interview I saw on Bioware for Mass Effect a while back, that they don’t call things problems, only ‘probletunities’. There’s a kind of creative thinking that is unlocked when we get on our problem-solver mode that’s quite amazing :smiley:

And great piece, once again!

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totally agree, this is how i think when i am creating brushes and experimenting. Thanks for your kind words. How coud we show this in a video? i am working on that. I have also an idea to make lava in seconds

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Not sure it counts as a challenge because it’s mostly because of laziness but for a long time I only used the Krita default brushes. Only recently I started to make a few own to speed up painting a bit.

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I have a dual feeling with that. I think the default brushes are already good. But as a maniac of brushes i am always looking new effects to achieve in traditional and digital style. Do you think we would need more brushes in future for a new brushes review? (who knows when)

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The good set of default brushes was actually one of the things that made me stick with krita. Other software I tried before had a lot of brushes but 90% felt absolutely useless. And the few good ones were hard to find. You spend a lot of time creating brushes before you paint anything. Not so with Krita. I then used David Revoy’s brush pack that later became the new default. Recently I bought the Digital Atelier pack, I think you created it it if I’m not mistaken. I played with it a bit, and like the oil brushes already. I think they are a good addition to the defaults. I use the oil brushes and smudge engine a lot for my works.

More brushes are always good, but it could be overwhelming for beginners. What I’d like to see is actually not so much new brushes but more functionality for the brush presets. For example I’d like a basic feature where you can bind preset settings to each other. Imagine being able to bind the fade length to the brush base size, and when you double the size of the brush it doubles the fade length.
Or a recent Idea I had is that I’d like a smudge brush to pick the color underneath and mix it with my current color without having to color pick it every time with CTRL. It could be picked as background color and used as a gradient on the same brush for example.


First of all, is a supergood comment. I take note. Is complexto think in more features in brush editor by now but maybe in future. The key for me is understand how to get the best from what we ALREADY have implemented. Glad to hear you like the Digital Atelier pack. Yes, i did it to fill some gaps in traditional media. I am making more for a future (i hope near) with more effects.

About your wishlist, we need to wait for the big fundraiser i think :wink:

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@Takiro, Interesting reflections on brushes. I like the ideas.
I wonder if it would be possible to have some brushes simulating this kind of painting below.

I believe it would be amazing. :laughing:


I generally don’t use lots of different brushes in one painting. Some people find it important to mix, some find it important to stick with one brush.
I’m the type who thinks interesting brush strokes just happen by themselves. At least that’s how I feel about mine.

A lot of my portraits are done using only the wet brisle rough brush or the dry bristles brush. I sometimes I combine them.
In some others I don’t want to go painterly, it’s airbrushed all the way. Even my skin pores brush is a scattered airbrush with a bit of shape dynamic.

Just as Takiro, the brushes bundled with krita have always done wonders in making me feel comfortABLE right off the bat. So I’m always willing to see more :smiley:

About challenging myself, those are the main motivation:
-wanting to try a “new” technique that I feel interesting
-wanting to reach a certain level after some inspiration
-preparing a course

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@RamonM, very nice! It could pass for a traditional piece. :slight_smile: It’s amazing what is possible with just one brush.

@PauloBrito, that impasto effect would be awesome. Actually, that is one of the things I miss the most in digital media.

This looks so great! The brush is very expressive and dynamic looking, great work :grin:
The way brushes behave and is edited is one of the biggest reasons I chose Krita as my drawing application!

I think the biggest difficulty here is with brush strokes reacting to ambient light. In this case we have each application with its shadow, shadow designs and specular.
I’ve done some bevel testing in Photoshop’s “layer style”. But the result was not very good.:sweat_smile:

@PauloBrito, I think Corel Painter’s brush engine has a very decent impasto simulation.

Yes, corel has impasto effect and a new technology to do it in another way with Thick paint. One of the most interesting things i would mimic. But Corel has a lot of budget and Krita do a lot more with the limited budget they have. We would need another kind of brushengine to do that. Who is goinf to invest the time to do it? :wink:
Krita spectrum is wider so not focused only in traditional media (which i have tendency to do) but more uses who requires their time for other things.

So as a trainer in digital art, i can compare a lot of software and see their pros and cons. Krita is superior in some fields.

  • Krita is not requiring your data, not login.
  • Not limitation in Installing the software in devices. Try to do that with Paintstorm for example.
  • Direct contact with developers. Try to do the same with corel painter, i do and is horrible (i have Painter 2019)
  • Try to sell artwork done after 2 years when you buy your tablet and includes software. No? read the License agreement.
  • Free updates. Some other softwares have, but not all.

So each day i use Krita i think we have to make Krita more known and more funded. Because Krita improves each day and is listening us.

Maybe i went too long :roll_eyes:

What is this? I am curious can you elaborate further.

Is there a way to paint on two sepeate layers with a brush?

In budget terms, no doubt Corel and Adobe are skyrocketing. Even more with Adobe with Adobe Sensei. And that is what makes Krita such a fantastic and amazing project.
Krita is Open Souce, made by a community of people who are willing to donate their most precious asset of their time to make this software competitive. And he is.
I’ve used Corel Painter, I’ve been using Photoshop for over 15 years, and when I look at Krita and how much it evolves and advances considering features that really help artists be more productive. It’s fantastic! Even though he has no budget, he disputes and, in my opinion, wins in many respects from others.
I’m joining the community, using Krita daily not only for the software itself. But much more for what it stands for.
I take this opportunity to thank everyone who makes this possible.

I think I exaggerated with my words, sorry! :upside_down_face:


I also was playing around with layer modes and filters. I used a clone layer to archive this. It works well with textures smudge brushes. I could share the kra file.

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It would be cool to see that file to see if you use the usual worlflow or something new ;). But is people really interested in impasto digitally talking? i don’t see too much use of it in completed paintings but who knows!