Open figure drawing thread (from reference)

Post your figure drawing work here! Quick croquis, long studies, anything goes, as long as it’s from reference. Please mention how long the poses are. And feel free to comment on others’ work, give suggestions etc!

If you have suggestions for reference resources that are freely available, I’ll be happy to link them here. I use random sources I’ve found online and the Croquis cafe videos at They’re not free, but IMO worth it. Most nudes you find online are kind of pinup-y, and so are kind of limited in their usefulness as reference - the Croquis Cafe models are more “real” people as opposed to the typical photoshopped-up Instagram fitness models.

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I’ll go first.!

I’m trying out some brushes I’ve created, they seem pretty well suited to gesture drawing. I’m still struggling a bit with the pressure response, it’s a little finicky. A lot of these came out a bit more washed out than I wanted.

I notice I have a much harder time trying to draw with just line, as you can probably tell from the bottom examples compared to the shaded ones. Something to work on.


I find the sharper the line, the harder it is to get a good result. So today I was mostly out of my comfort zone, trying to draw with just libe, as simple as I can. Tough, but I think with my usual approac I’m letting the style cover up some deficiencies, maybe this will help.

At the bottom is a longer pose, I was going to study the musculature of the legs by drawing on top of it but frankly, it did not work out at all. I couldn’t make sense of how the different muscles wrap around, and I suppose the model isn’t the easiest to try that on, either.


Hi, @hulmanen

I was drawing an Isaac Newton’s protrait. A fast thing with large brush strokes. And I’m not very good to capture the essence of a figure in a small time frame. =)
The result is a ‘pirate’ character. It is not the hole figure :smile:

When you do those kind of drawings, do you change the brush size or use it in a fixed thickness?

I guess I’ll dump a few studies since I did these for Ross Draws’ discord server, I’m still doing them, but my goal is to be able to do these from imagination.

My inspiration is STORE | Ryan Woodward Art and Animation and am using and Pinterest boards for references.

These are 1-5 min sketches:

These are 10-15 min or something, I’m not sure, I haven’t kept track on these: