Open file progress bar


There’s a progress bar during save process :slight_smile:

It could be really interesting to also have a progress bar when a file is opened: I have some huge file for which opening process took around 5minutes (SSD drive with throughput >500MB/s, 64GB RAM, 12cores/24 thread)

Small files probably don’t need it, but if file is large enough to take more than 30s to be opened, a progress bar could be really useful (at least, to know that Ok, you have time to go the toilet or prepare a tea, or to something else :slight_smile: )
Also, having Krita freezed during a such long period without any information is source of few stress :sweat_smile:



If it’s longer than 5 seconds I’d be worried.
Maybe have it for all files because it won’t last long for small files.

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Does not that already exist? When I have too big files and it takes too long it appears on screen.

Maybe on windows… :man_shrugging:

On Linux there’s no loading progress bar, and Krita is totaly freezed during loading


Uhmm I should record then to check if the progress bar is not for something else then I might be mixing up. But I have been under this impression for a while.