Open source is crazy

From blender getting so much improvements and releasing updates like crazy, to csp payment method change so many csp users going to krita.
It doesnt even stop there, godot 4 releasing beta and getting good. Now figma got acquired by adobe and everyone recommending penpot as its open source substitute.

I think open source is really the ‘it’ now. At least, if you are not working in a company that force you to settle with industry’s software.

PS: davinci resolve, legit.


I think there’s some truth in this…on a bigger scale given the financial/economic/employment situation globally…it is likely we are moving to much more of a sharing cooperating economy…


On the other hand, with the economy decline now, I would suspect the voluntary funding going down quite a bit…

DaVinci resolve buissness is elsewhere ( hardware ) so they will probably not fall. But the rest yeah, open source will be it.

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Well, open source is not a solution for big industries for a long time. Think Android. Or Chrome.