Open Source video editing?

There is any open source alternative to Sony Vegas/Adobe premier? Im using Shotcut at the moment, but it tends to slow everything down after adding few effects and video parts

Here, use this. It’s called “Olive”.

0.1 and 0.2 are the only versions you can download. I would suggest using 0.2 since it’s being supported by newer updates

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You could try Kdenlive: Kdenlive | Libre Video Editor

I don’t know about its performance in your situation but it’s well established and there are sure to be manuals, YouTube tutorials, etc. available.


All video editors open source are bad to use. Kdenlive is probably the best one I tested if you don’t put much strain on it. My suggestion is to use DaVinci Resolve. It is free just not open source and it is top tier.


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