Open sources programs doubt!

Hi guys. How can I know when open sources programs is allowed to use for portable versions? In this case, for Krita program. Because its very useful having portable drawing stuffs. How can I know if the moderator of the open source program allowed us to make changes in your own program to the point of make Krita to be transformed into a portable version? Thank you for your attention.

Maybe I don’t quite understand your question, but:

Read the license the program is released under. Most open source licenses allow you to make any change you like. GPL is a bit more restrictive in that you cannot keep your changes hidden, you have to publish the source code you produce.

Here is a pretty good summary of common open source licenses:

Thank you. I´ll read and I ask you for any doubt.

Thank you bro. I found my answer! (:smile:

Great! :+1:

Before you start porting it to some mobile OS, read this:

What you want to do may already have been done. :wink: If you really want to work on it, they’ll probably appreciate any help they can get to iron out bugs.

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Every program has its own license. Usually for open source programs it’s GPL though, which does allow every modification you want as long as the person modifying it gives you a source code.

But if you refer to something like portableapps .com, it’s usually just an installer, they often don’t make any modification to the source code and just package the binary differently.

I am personally not really a fan of those kinds of websites. For example, when downloading from an external website, the user doesn’t know if it’s safe or not. We cannot guarantee it. If they download from the Krita website, there are lots of links - to the forum, to the manual, to the donation page (which also usually isn’t provided on those multiple apps websites). I’ve seen Krita being sold on eBay, and while I guess those people are often too lazy to even add some adware or other malicious software, they still can profit off of it by selling it there (and I don’t even mean DVDs, just simply a file to download! the same that’s on the website!). But some of them will publish versions with ads or malicious.

At first I understood your “portable version” as in “you don’t need to install”. For all systems except for Android, there is a portable version of Krita available (except that it will be using the same resource folder and configuration as it would be using when installed). If you need help finding that version or using it, please say what your system is.

If you want to make changes to Krita yourself please do say that, we will be really happy to help you make those changes and include them in the main Krita so everyone can benefit from them.

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Sorry for answer to late. I created this account few days ago and I didnt even imagine the developer of Krita would answer me, but yes, its like you said, ´´your “portable version” as in “you don’t need to install”.´´. And I found this version on Krita official website! Thank you anyway.
About this ´´portableapps .com´´ website I thought was posted by the program creators and developers. I´ll take care about this, next time.
And thank you again for the answer.

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Hi Tiar. Can you help me on another case?

Summing up, its about the bigger interface of Krita and the hard brush.