Option to select all bundles in the Resource Manager

At the moment it seems as if I cannot select all bundles combined from the dropdown in the Resource Manager. That would be great to have. Otherwise you will never be able to see all the brushes that share a common tag at the same time.

If you don’t want them to be displayed in the resource manager, then try the following… :wink:

You have to click in Krita on the button with the 4 small squares, which is next to the one that opens the Brush Editor. If you enter a tag in the search line, all presets with this tag will be displayed.


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It’s the other way around. I WANT to see all the brushes from all bundles at the same time.

Seeing all brushes from all bundles that share the same tag at the same time is the brush docker. The 4 squares will work equally well.

Tags are imported in or made by you. Tags are not shared by multiple bundles when they arrive in theory.

And if it did it would not be a normal occurrence or wanted behaviour probably.

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I know about the brush docker. But there I can’t tag/untag multiple brushes at the same time. That’s what works well in the Resource Manager and what it’s made for.

And as far as I can see, the default tags are spread over several bundles as well and/or combined with the default brushes.

Wow, what can I say, my ability to predict user’s deepest desires is just phenomenal :smiley: this is also planned for the future. Would do it when I was workimg on Resource Manager but it wasn’t that trivial, also it would add a new user-visible string, so I couldn’t work on that. And there were other things with hogher priority.

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Great to hear that. Cheers.

You can tag multiple presets at once in this window, but with restrictions and probably not quite as you would like it to be (but you can not untag them, if I remember correctly. (Although I have never tried to untag many presets at once, try it, it might work.))
This is limited to a search result in this window, via the “tag button” in the upper right corner. For example, you have searched for trees, then you can select an existing tag or create a tag trees and then assign the brushes with a click on the disk icon in the lower right to this tag. I hope to have explained it to some extent.


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