ORA file icon

does ora have a file icon image or it is just the same as KRA?
I was looking for a image to try and do something with it for the fun.

According to ‘the internet’, it looks something like this:

Also, .ora seems to be used as a file extension for Oracle database configuration files.

aren’t those the pre generated icons they have that sets up for any search and a set of 3 or 4 letters?

I don’t know. It claims to be an ‘icon finder’ site and the other ‘icon finder’ site I looked at had the same or similar images.

This one seems more specialised:

but it’s about Oracle as well :slight_smile:

I think it is this.
I saved an ORA file and this is the file image when it is not displaying the preview.
Took me a good while to find it.

Isn’t that operating system dependent?

Also, the MyPaint icon would be equally valid to use in that case.

You may have this icon because krita is set by default to open .ora in the os settings

Currently I only have krita for it yes.

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