Organic house concepts

I haven’t really posted too many artworks since the very beginning of this site, so I thought I’ll show those organic forms exercises, that somehow turned into some stylized, fantasy houses. I thought they look kind of well together and are worth sharing :slight_smile:


Definitely! They are really, really nice :slight_smile:

Oh, thanks a lot. I haven’t been doing to much original/concept artworks recently, and I was really happy, that despite this break, those turned out quite well :slight_smile:

Very nice. I’d live in one!.. Well, maybe just rent one for a day… :grin:

Thanks for a comment. Glad you liked it :slight_smile:

Beautifull concepts

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Thank you @Deevad , you made my day :wink:



really beautiful concepts, they have a very good flow on them, Super cute as well :smile:

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Thanks a lot :wink:

They remind me of the Sylvari-houses in Guild Wars 2 - but with more variety! ^^

Never played that game. I was rather basing on things like assets from Rayman, and some general concept art I found on pinterest

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Guild Wars 2 has five playable races, one of them is called “Sylvari”. They are basically plant-humans and have plant houses, often plant clothes, some plant weapons etc. (There even are fern hounds :D)

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