outline selection tool - not able to draw at point of cursor

When using any of the selection tools, I find that the pen draws about an inch to the left of the cursor. I have been drawing up to this point with no problems. I am using an old wacom cte-640. If I go into krita settings/tablet settings/open tablet tester, and draw with my pen, two identical drawing occur an inch apart, on red and one blue. Do you know how to fix this?

Which version of krita are you using and which operating system?
How long have you had the cte-640 and have you been using it for a long time with other digital drawing applications and/or with krita?

Is it the case that the selection tools used to work ok, in terms of drawn outline position, and this behaviour has recently started to happen?

How does it behave when you paint with a brush preset?

From the tablet tester results, it sounds like it’s behaving as a mouse and a stylus at the same time.

Here is the right side log output of the tablet tester when I draw with a mouse:
Mouse press X=39 Y=81 B=1
Mouse move X=39 Y=81 B=1
Mouse move X=39 Y=81 B=1
Mouse move X=63 Y=66 B=1
Mouse move X=63 Y=66 B=1
Mouse move X=63 Y=66 B=1
Mouse release

When I draw with a pen:
Pen tip brought near
Stylus press X=39.07 Y=80.69 B=1 P=16.1%
Stylus move X=38.91 Y=81.23 B=1 P=21.9% (DRAW)
Stylus move X=38.91 Y=81.23 B=1 P=24.4% (DRAW)
… etc
Stylus move X=68.21 Y=68.51 B=1 P=38.0% (DRAW)
Stylus move X=68.72 Y=68.51 B=1 P=0.0% (DRAW)
Stylus release X=68.72 Y=68.51 B=0 P=0.0%
Pen tip taken away

What do you get when you draw on the tablet tester with the cte-640?

I’m using windows 10 with krita 4.2.9. I have had the tablet for many years but haven’t used it in 5 or 6 years. I just played around with it before but I want to get serious now. I wouldn’t know if Krita worked right before, as I just installed it for the first time (and love it). When I paint with the brush tool, it’s fine, it only does it with selections I think. Your estimation that it is writing with both the mouse and stylus at the same time seems spot-on. I had thought as much. I made a small line in the tablet tester and this is what I copied from the text:
Stylus press X=37.66 Y=44.79 B=1 P=7.2%

Mouse press X=112 Y=59 B=1

Stylus move X=37.66 Y=44.79 B=1 P=15.1% (DRAW)

Stylus move X=37.66 Y=44.79 B=1 P=19.7% (DRAW)

Stylus move X=37.66 Y=44.79 B=1 P=24.0% (DRAW)

Stylus move X=37.66 Y=44.79 B=1 P=26.8% (DRAW)

Stylus move X=37.66 Y=44.79 B=1 P=29.9% (DRAW)

Stylus move X=37.66 Y=44.79 B=1 P=33.6% (DRAW)

Stylus move X=37.66 Y=44.79 B=1 P=36.8% (DRAW)

Stylus move X=37.66 Y=44.79 B=1 P=39.7% (DRAW)

Stylus move X=37.66 Y=44.79 B=1 P=42.8% (DRAW)

Stylus move X=37.66 Y=44.79 B=1 P=45.7% (DRAW)

Stylus move X=37.66 Y=44.79 B=1 P=48.5% (DRAW)

Stylus move X=37.66 Y=44.97 B=1 P=50.8% (DRAW)

Mouse move X=112 Y=60 B=1

Stylus move X=37.66 Y=45.42 B=1 P=53.4% (DRAW)

Stylus move X=37.66 Y=45.77 B=1 P=55.7% (DRAW)

Stylus move X=37.83 Y=46.04 B=1 P=57.1% (DRAW)

Mouse move X=112 Y=61 B=1

Stylus move X=38.01 Y=46.22 B=1 P=58.1% (DRAW)

Mouse move X=113 Y=61 B=1

Stylus move X=38.18 Y=46.67 B=1 P=59.0% (DRAW)

Stylus move X=38.36 Y=47.30 B=1 P=59.2% (DRAW)

Mouse move X=113 Y=63 B=1

Stylus move X=38.54 Y=47.83 B=1 P=60.0% (DRAW)

Stylus move X=38.54 Y=48.55 B=1 P=60.4% (DRAW)

Mouse move X=113 Y=64 B=1

Stylus move X=38.54 Y=49.09 B=1 P=60.6% (DRAW)

Mouse move X=113 Y=65 B=1

Stylus move X=38.71 Y=49.71 B=1 P=61.0% (DRAW)

Stylus move X=38.71 Y=50.25 B=1 P=60.8% (DRAW)

Mouse move X=113 Y=66 B=1

Stylus move X=38.89 Y=50.61 B=1 P=61.0% (DRAW)

Stylus move X=38.89 Y=50.70 B=1 P=60.8% (DRAW)

Stylus move X=38.89 Y=50.70 B=1 P=59.2% (DRAW)

Stylus move X=38.89 Y=50.70 B=1 P=53.8% (DRAW)

Stylus move X=38.89 Y=50.70 B=1 P=39.9% (DRAW)

Stylus release X=38.89 Y=50.70 B=0 P=0.0%

Mouse release

Pen tip taken away

If I have to buy another tablet, that’s fine. It won’t break me, but it seems to work fine in every other way. Thanks for your help.

When you used it before, did you install its driver on the same Windows 10 computer that you have now?
Windows 10 was released just under 5 years ago so I’m wondering.

Whatever the situation, Windows has a habit of messing up Wacom drivers with its updates.

Apparently, this tablet is not supported by Wacom on Windows 10 but the Wacom driver site will give you a Windows 7 driver for it if you type in the model number:

According to this article here, this will work on Windows 10:

You could take a chance on that or buy a modern new tablet with a Windows 10 driver.

P.S You should update to krita 4.3.0 which has just been released.

Edit:Add: Remember to uninstall the old driver before you install a new driver and do PC restarts in between these actions with the tablet not connected.

I am using the windows 7 driver. I read somewhere that it would work and it seems to. I just unplugged the mouse and used just the pen (after restarting krita) and it still draws and inch to the left of the cursor when the selection tool is used. I am afraid to buy a new tablet now because that might not fix the problem.

Reinstall the driver, or better still, download the driver from the Wacom site and reinstall with that one, which may have had updates to it since you got it.

Many people use modern Wacom tablets on Windows 10 with no problem.

I just got the latest driver they had but I am going to buy a new one. Thanks for your help though. Also, do you have an opinion on which tablets are best in to 50-150 dollar range? I don’t want one with an LCD screen, so I don’t see a reason for spending more than that…

Check out Wacom entry level tablets or the Huion entry level tablets and the various YouTube reviews.
Having done that, see what’s available on eBay.

Will do. Have a great day.

Just a heads up, we don’t support windows 7 since Microsoft dropped support for it. :frowning: So it will be likely that you will encounter more bugs in future.

Jerry is running Windows 10 but his old tablet only has a Windows 7 driver available.
I think that a new tablet with a Windows 10 driver would be better in the long run.

I ordered a Huion Inspiroy H1161 last night. Can’t wait to get it. Thanks again.