Outpost LI-2a

Outpost LI-2a. A sketch from the life of a remote spaceport on one of the outer worlds.


Perfect, thanks for sharing.

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There are still artists around who imagine landscape and vehicle design in their own mind, without 3d. I include myself to this kind of group.

But 3d is really cool, the worlds bw. 2d and 3d seem to blend and merge lately.
Being able to do stuff in 3d isn’t the same as doing awesome stuff with 3d…
Maybe some deep dive 3d online course could help to kick ass…

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Is this done with the help of blender or other 3d software? Really nice layout and colors

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Oh, thanks for the comment! I have been using the mixed technique of creating pictures for 3 years now. I also love 2D style, but my level of drawing often does not allow me to make a picture of the desired complexity and quality. And in my main job, 3D and compositing is the essence of my work. I make various graphic content for TV programs, videos, documentaries. Therefore, I use 3D tricks and photobashing. And you know what - my 2D gets better over time - obviously the visual library is expanding, the sense of color and composition is developing.

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Thanks! Yes, I used a blender to build the 3d and basic lighting.

Thanks! Yes, I used a blender to build the 3d and basic lighting. I had a blank for a space cruiser from one of my previous works, so I sculpted several landscape clusters, glued a large cruiser from the blanks and exposed the light and atmosphere. And then he worked with etm at Krita.

really nice detail of the clouds of sand and dust, there is also a great contrast between the powerful light on the left and striking but gentle planets (or other celestial body idk) on the right, I love this

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Thanks! ))