Own brush tip created. Does it look like real oil paint?

Hi all

I took time today to create my own brush tip and preset for rgba from scratch, that I have a little more brush tips for the upcoming smudge rgba brushes :smile:

Do you think it looks like real oil paint? Is the effect too aggressive?

Next I want to add a canvas texture so that it feels like a dry brush with little pressure. and then I will create some new tips for more brushes.


I created a few more brush tips and presets, two different rgba fan brushes, they could overlap and you still see the shape of the fan a tiny bit, but not to much. And another flat brush with pattern and without.
I figured out that the flow option is very good in Rgba to have less opacity with small pressure, but the whole shape of the brush is still there. To me flow works in another way for rgba brush, or is more powerful for it. With flow in rgba the strokes builds up from a dry thin feel to a really thick feel in wash mode (Not in build up mode).

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