Page scrolling is broken

The page scrolls to a certain point, then the pictures are loaded but layered on top of each other.

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No problem on my side, I can scroll down very far without any problem…
I’m using Firefox.

Maybe related to browser :thinking:
Can you try with an another browser to check if problem still occurs or not?


Does not work in opera and yandex browser. “Chrome”, “edge” and “tor” work.


That’s strange, they’re all based on chromium
But maybe they don’t use the same version of chromium (or modified version maybe)…

I’m not sure @raghukamath will be able to do anything; forum is based on Discourse so if something has to be fixed in HTML/CSS side to let some browser being able to display page properly, I think you’ll have to wait for next software update (if it fix something…)

Otherwise, you’ll have to use another browser to navigate on pages for which problem is present.


I just noticed the problem also in Opera and Samsung’s browser (using Android 10 on my Note 9 phone.)

Today I squandered the site’s tape with art, everything works fine at the opera now. Probably updated something in the browser. Yandex browser is still with the same bug.

I have a large amount of overlap when looking at Portfoilios if I use Palemoon but not with Firefox or Opera. I’ve no idea what causes it.