Palette Files Won't Import:

I have already read this link: Krita 5.0.2.: Can't import kpl palettes - #2 by AhabGreybeard It didn’t help me. I do not understand enough about technology to understand this terminology. I had to replace my Surface Pro 7 with a new one. I have Windows 11, I use Krita only for my artwork and made these palettes on Krita. I have Krita 5. I had to download everything on my new Surface Pro 7 and all of a sudden Krita 5 won’t open the even though they did last time.

I read a little of these and was still confused:

I don’t see anything about mimetype or " application/x-krita-palette" in my files.

I don’t know how to fix this. If someone could help me, I would really appreciate it.

There will be a new version of Krita in about a week or two that has this issue fixed. You can already test it by trying out the RC version, but if you prefer using the windows store, it should update itself in the next few weeks (or literally next week if everything goes right).

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I usually download Krita straight from Krita’s website. I will try the RC version that you linked. Is it a just a new version of Krita 5?

Yes, it is Krita 5.1 specifically, so there’s some new features too.

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Okay, thank you so much. I appreciate you for taking the time to help me. It worked, thank goodness. I appreciate your help. I was so frustrated. It’s been a rough couple of days so you made my day today! Thank you! :sweat_smile:


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