Pan tool + Wacom One in Krita

Hi! I have a Wacom One + Window 10 and I’m using Krita to draw, my problem is that I’ve been using Kubuntu until today, and now I’m configuring everything on my new OS and can’t figure how to set my lower button in the Wacom Pen to Pan as it did when I had it in Kubuntu.

In Kubuntu I had it as the default settings and it panned without changing the tool, that is, as long as I had the lower button pressed it would pan, and as soon as I let it go, it would go back to the tool I had before. Anyone knows how I can do that to happen again?

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With Windows 10, the Wacom control centre and driver should have been downloaded and installed by Windows when it recognised the Wacom tablet being connected.

Type ‘wacom’ in the search box of the main menu to see if you have them.
If you have then you can run the setup utility and set the stylus buttons to whatever you like. I use MMB for the lower button.

If not then you’ll have to download and install the tablet driver/utilities from the Wacom website.

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