"Paradise of Hell" - Random Imagination. Suggestions for Improvement are Welcome


the picture is hard to read, your values are very close, mabe try to increase contrast between background and foreground. if it’s a night scene you can also add rim light on the character coming from the city under…


I actually like how the values blend together. It seems like a deliberate choice here. The materials could be better differentiated, though - everything is kind of the same level of matte right now. I would look for reference on how stone materials work in this type of lighting and work some more reflectivity in there to bring those out, also the hair would probably have some highlights.

Maybe a touch more top lighting would make sense, darken the low piece of wall in front of the characters feet and leave the top of that element better lit, and perhaps a touch of light on the shoulders.

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Yeah, I think bringing the figure out a bit more (also in your previous image) would serve the art better!

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Nice feel to the image :slight_smile:

i agree about the values

  1. the character disappears into the buildings (zoom out, and i couldn’t tell you there is a person there)
  2. the buildings feel very close to the character (the knee wall has the same value as some of the buildings, so there isn’t a sense of depth due to atmospheric perspective)

A rim light to the edges of the coat and give the buildings a little more blur may be enough to give more depth. Have to give it a shot and see if it works for you :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I will include the value study in my daily routine.

Thanks @mako, it was hard to understand what others were suggesting, now I can, :heart_eyes:. This looks awesome and lot to learn here. :face_with_monocle:

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Thanks @hulmanen :heart_eyes: Yes I agree, I still need to work on reflections and lighting in my art. You guys are very helpful and supportive, love it here.

:sweat_smile: Both were made, before I joined the forum. I have started learning about the lighting, would take some time, but surely will use your suggestion in my next art.

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