Pastel (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ (Dream x Ink kid lol)

Omg, look at her. So cute :)))

A Dandere is a sweet but meek character that takes time to know.
This is Pastel!
Girl (she/her)
Rank: princess (3rd in line to the throne)
Calls Dream “Mama” & Calls Ink “Papa”
Age: 12
And tries to get along with Viper most of the time.
Her shirt below her jacket says “bunnies rule!”
(sorry for spelling mistakes! My pea for a brain doesn’t wanna work today lol)


:rabbit: :rabbit2:


They are very good :-).

My favorite is the last one.

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Thanks! I honestly prefer the second one cuz of her making a face on the front profile lol :))) and so I made it my pfp

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, kawai.

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I think she is kawaii too XDDD

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Its sooo good!!

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Thanks! I enjoy making characters :))

Another one


Can i ask you something?

-When Pastel Birthday date?
-when pastels are born, how do you look like a fireball like a dream or something?

And You art So cute^^

Question 1: April 12.
Question 2: Fireball.
Thank you for your compliments, my art has gotten much better, and I am going to update her soon.
If you are going to draw her and post her to any social media of any sort, or any website, please credit me. ( My username and link must be added. )

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Can I know How she look like-when she was like child/how she look like fireball-?
-I want know more about her-•


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Sorry but I’m currently pretty busy considering the time it is ( Thanksgiving)

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