Pasting to external applications ignores opacity

Hello everyone. I’m new to Krita, and frequently use a couple of external applications to perform my usual drawing tasks.
Here’s the issue:
I got an image layer. I select a part of this layer and translate selection into another layer.
Then I select this one surrounded by opaque canvas:

And, when I copy (Ctrl-C) and paste (Ctrl-V) my selection into any external program like Inkscape, PS or Paint, I got this:

I guess, Krita just takes a snapshot of an entire document or just copies a part of initial image limited by rectangle which is circumscribed about a shape of selection. But this is not the way I expect it to behave. I just want Krita to copy and paste opaque pixels where they actually are, whether there is a hidden image layer or not.

What am I doing wrong? I’ve sifted through settings, googled it – no info. Maybe here I can find someone familiar with this issue? Huuuuuge gratitude in advance.

p.s. Krita 4.2.8, Windows 10

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Running 4.4.5 on Linux, I have no problem copy-pasting between krita and GIMP in either direction.
It seems to work when pasting into Inkscape as judged by overlapping semi-opaque painted images on Inkscape’s white background.
Alpha values of the paint and tranparency of the layer are maintained.

Are you using Windows? I wonder if this is a system level clipboard problem.

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Yeah, it’s complicated on Windows. Apparently Qt doesn’t support it because the Windows clipboard doesn’t directly support transparency and workarounds are messy.

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