Paul torsion assise

This is from 20+ year old references. I really need to get more new models to pose for me - soon. I just do not have those connections anymore. I was really unsure about this one until it was 90% done. Suddenly it seemed OK.


Looks good!

I did a similar study some years ago, using a CC-BY photo as a reference. Perhaps that could be an alternative for you too, instead of taking the trouble to hire a model.

I have thought of that but I don’t like the work from other people’s work as a rule. I like to have a say in what my references show and look like. Can’t happen 100% of the time but I want it to!

That’s a respectable point of view.

great job.
You have to get a look at torso belvedere - musei vaticani - Rome.
The reinessance artists used to study this sculpture.

Respectable or stubborn? LOL When I did my Universal Classic Monster series, I went through each film frame by frame to find my images and sometimes mixed and matched different shots to get something more “me”. If that makes any sense.

Marci1 Another reason to try and visit Italy some day!