Pen freezes when trying to draw

When my pen touches down it makes this little circle and freeze in place for a bit. Even if I keep the pen in place and wait it’s still takes a bit for it to move and it lags makes a straight line when I don’t want a straight line. I couldn’t find anything on this form related to this. I’m unable to attach a video, but I’ll show what the circle looks like. In the other image I tried making it zigzags, but it lagged and made a straight line then started zigzagging.

It seems you may have a brush stabilizer on. With the brush active select something like basic or none to clear if that is the case. I think that is the distance based stabilizer but you need to check if that is the case.

Ah, it’s likely due to windows ink being enabled. Windows imposes windows ink onto krita, which usually leads to the stutter.

There are some guides online explaining how to change the default settings so windows ink doesn’t turn on.

In Settings -> Configure Krita -> Tablet Settings, you could enable Windows Ink, instead of Wintab, if that’s the cause of the problem.

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Sorry it’s taken awhile for me to respond! I haven’t had the time to sit down and test it out. This worked perfectly after I changed the setting and restarted krita. Tysm!