Pen issue not matching cursor

having the issue of my pen not matching my cursor any fixes ??
I’ve reinstalled configured just can not figure it out

What do you mean by ‘not matching’?
Is this about the Cursor Shape, which can be crosshair, circle, etc or is it about the Outline Shape, which can be the Preview (brush) outline, a circle, etc?

Can you post a .png screenshot that shows the problem?

Reinstalling will not affect or change anything. That’s not how settings and configurations work.

hi, what I have is my pen works everywhere but on canvas. so I think I just need adjustment for the following
my pen when touching canvas shows up to the left of where I put my pen. I tried videos but nothing helps me get my drawing and pen to match up on canvas

Better try to reinstall your tablet driver :slight_smile: Check our tips for tablet issues: and make sure to restart your PC after every change. Afaik there is also a button in Configure Krita -> Tablet Settings to make extra sure the pen is calibrated correctly (although the proper calibration should happen in your tablet driver in general).

Thank you so very much, that fixed me all up. installed the tablet driver

hello again, new question
how can I get my perspective tool ? can not find in my tool options