Pen occasionally gets stuck on Color Selector Tool?

I’ve been having this problem lately where my pen will get “stuck” on the color selector tool– as in, even if i change it to another tool (like pencil or selection tool), it will stay as the color picker. The only way to make it go back to another tool is to completely quit Krita.

Has anyone else had this problem before and/or knows how to fix this? It’s not really that huge of a deal but it happens frequently enough and I’d rather not* have to keep dealing with it lol.

Thank you!

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Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Do you use the ‘Colour Selector Tool’ from the Toolbox or do you press and hold the Ctrl key to bring up the ‘colour picker’?

If you’re using the Ctrl key, you may have a sticky key that stays down even when you release it, especially if you press hard or have an old keyboard.

If it’s the Toolbox Colour Selector Tool, does this also happen with the mouse as well as the pen?

You say it’s been happening ‘lately’. Has anything changed with your system that you can think of?

Hello, thank you!

I use the the Toolbox (though I did check the Ctrl key just incase and it doesn’t seem to be having any problems).

I did recently get a new Huion tablet, but I used to have a Wacom and never had the same problem with that (I deleted the Wacom driver). I re-downloaded Krita once I set up the tablet since I needed to update. Other than those two, nothing else is new for my system.

I’d try to go back to using the Wacom tablet and see if the problem went away. If it did, that would suggest the problem was with the Huion drivers and the various configuration settings in there.
From what I’ve read in other topics, there have been no tablet related changes to krita for a long time so the upgrade from 4.2.9 to 4.3.0 won’t have had any effect.

I’ve been having the same problem and I also have a Huion tablet, but I don’t have any other tablet to use instead. Sometimes the problem resolves when I quit and restart Krita, but lately even that doesn’t fix the problem and Krita is just unuseable until it decides to work again.

Should I contact Huion support about this or do you have any ideas of what I could try?

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This doesn’t happen to many people (or the various forums would be full of reports about it) and krita doesn’t have any code that is specific to a particular tablet.
If it didn’t used to happen and then started to happen, that would probably be because of a Windows update causing problems with the Huion driver. This does happen with Windows updates and tablet drivers.

I’m assuming you haven’t recently installed/updated/changed any security software or sandboxing software or installed any additional hardware with its own specialist drivers.

You can try disconnecting your tablet, restarting your computer and then downloading the latest driver from the Huion website - then uninstall the old driver, restart your computer then install the new driver, restart your computer then connect your tablet.
Then do the usual things with the Huion config/setup application.

If that doesn’t work then you’ll need to contact Huion support.

This started happening to me often exactly at the moment when I tried drawing on a layer with a transparency mask. Color selector (triangle) gets stuck; using pen on Wacom tablet

Ctrl+tap on the drawing
Try to change color → the mouse pointer moves (arrow), but the color pointer (small circle) is stuck