Pen pressure and cursor is 5cm from my pen away

Hello, I’m having problems since the new krita version is here

My tablet is :Gaomon pd156pro and all my drivers are updated and are working.

If my settings are on: winTab, I have correct pressure settings but my cursor is nearly 3 to 5 cm from my pen away and I can’t change jt

If my settings are on: windows 8pointer and the mouse effects are enabled, I have no pressure settings but my cursor is where it should be.

And I have this pressure setting on my toolbar and it’s enabled too.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Which krita version (number) and which operating system are you using?

Does the Gaomon configuration/settings utility have the ability to create different profiles for different applications?
If so, you should create a profile for krita while it’s running and make all adjustments in there.
If you had already done, delete the existing krita profile and then create a new one for krita.

Sometimes, a change in tablet settings needs a full PC restart to be effective.

This problem might be fixed by switching your display-tablet from Primary screen to Secondary screen in the operating system display settings. (Assuming you have an extended desktop and not a duplicated desktop.)
Can you try that to see if it fixes the problem?

In the Gaomon configuration/settings utility, have you set any enabling/disabling of Windows Ink to match the settings in krita?
Similarly in the operating system settings for Windows Ink.

I changed my tablet to my primary screen and It works!! Thank you so much <3

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