Pen setting in tablet vs brush setting in Krita


Can anyone help me demystify this doubt that is bothering me.
I have a Huion tablet and I see the pressure curve setting in the pen driver. I am seeing a similar setting to adjust the pen pressure and opacity curve under individual brush settings in Krita. Now my question is:

  1. Are these two different things?
  2. If I set the curve setting in pen driver how does it affect the brush curve settings (or will it) ?
  3. Or will one supersede the other - in that when I adjust the brush setting curve in Krita - does it over ride the global setting in pen driver?


They are the same thing and will be applied one after another. First the tablet driver applies its curve, then Krita will apply the second curve, so you probably only want to set it in one place.

The pressure response curves are effectively multiplied together as they go through the chain of system parts.
First the tablet settings, then the krita input pressure global curve at
Settings -> Configure Krita -> Tablet Settings group and then the individual brush settings curves.

My personal suggestion is that you set the tablet driver to produce a straight line curve and then adjust the Input Pressure Global Curve to suit your own personal liking for ‘hand-brush pressure feel’.
You can test that by using the Basic-2_Opacity brush preset and adjusting the Input Pressure Global Curve to see how it affects the ‘feel’.

Individual brush preset parameter curves can then be adjusted to suit the technical and artistic requirements of any brush preset that you make.
This also means that any brush preset made by someone else will behave as it was intended when you use it.

Hi @boud and @AhabGreybeard - sorry for the delayed response. Thanks for your input. Very useful and appreciate your help and support.

Stay safe.