Pen taps opens shortcut menu

Hello! I’ve had krita for a long time but didn’t use it. Today ive opened it again but everytime I tap on the canvas to start a brushstroke it just opens the shortcut tab. I can’t draw because of it.
I really hope that this problem has an easy solution.

Check if tapping is mapped to the Right Click or some other action, :slight_smile:

in the settings>configure krita>keyboard shortcuts i cant find anything for left mouse click. right mouse click isnt mapped to anything.

I was talking about your pen, normally when you tap your pan into the tablet, it is registered as left click and if you press the button on the pen, it is registered as right click, but things could be different in your case, :slight_smile:


My pens fine, i use different programs and it sees it normally. Im using a parblo coast 16 and the buttons are mapped to right click, the tap is mapped to left click and i sometimes hold my hand alot farther from the button.

A right-click on the canvas would bring up the popup palette. What do you mean by ‘shortcut tab’? Can you post a link to a full .png screenshot?

In the tablet tester: Settings -> Configure Krita -> Tablet settings, you can press the large Open Tablet Tester button to get a drawing grid with a text output listing to the right of it. Resize this window to make it large and useful.

Hover your pen over the grid and tap it onto the tablet. You should get a list of output values as it makes small movements and each list item should have B=1 in it.
If you hover your pen over the grid (don’t touch the tablet) and press the right-click button on your pen, you should get a similar list of values but with B=2 in them.

Basically whenever i tap the screen with my pen this little thing opens, as you can see my hand isnt even near the rightclick button yet it opens the menu for it. Ive restarted my computer multiple times, redownloaded krita and reinstalled drivers but it just doesnt work.

Okay so in the tester tab it just says hover until i tap or draw a little, then when i hover my pen again it keeps saying draw and keeps making the blue line

Edit: it sees everything as b=2

If it is caused by a little circle that grows when you press on the tablet, try to turn off tap-and-hold to right-click from the control panel.

It might pop up because it thinks you are pressing and holding to access right-click!

It’s probably in a different language to yours, but I hope you will understand the instructions from the picture!

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Based on my experience (with just a Wacom tablet), B=2 in the Tablet Tester means that the tablet is delivering a right-click signal to kirita. (B=1 is a left click signal.)
It does seem to be a tablet setup problem.


Hey! Its already turned off, ive recently reinstalled my tablet driver again and it still doesnt work. No idea whats going on.
Drawing programs like medibang and sai work fine but i dont want to use them