Pencil drawing

I hope I’m not being too lazy here, but there is a large and impressive body of info on the website and I have a general beginner’s query: I have a laptop on which I can use only the touchpad or a mouse and an iPad mini, which of course means I can draw direct onto the screen.
The tools I have tried so far are difficult to control to create the desired line ~ what would be best for pencil-type line drawings, especially portraits and figures?

A tablet connected to your laptop is the best bet and I saw a Houion for 19$ . I know it is hard if they can’t get delivered in your country.

Hmm… I’m confused with your question.
Touchpad/mouse totally wont work (even if it’s possible, it’s really not efficient). What you need is a pen tablet, connected to your laptop. You can use the non display tablet, which mean you cant view directly on the pen. Or display tablet, which is much more expensive, but you can draw directly into screen.

If your iPad mini is iPad mini 5 (2019), you can get an Apple Pencil. It works the same.