Pencil sketch study continued


That is nice. Is it a scanned paper sketch that you shaded in krita or did you make all of it in krita?

friend all in Krita I had done

I remember your earlier pencil sketches on paper.
It’s good to be able to swap easily between traditional and digital :slight_smile:

what do you think traditional is better compare to digital?

I don’t think either is ‘better’ that the other. They both have advantages and disadvantages compared to each other.
Excellent artwork can be made with either of them or a combination.

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I mean my work!! Digital i have to be practice more ; not as flexible as traditional

Ah … :slight_smile: Again, I don’t think either is better that the other in your work.
What I do know is that your work has improved and developed a lot since you first started.

The good thing about digital is that it’s easy to produce a massive range of colours and colour does make a big intial impact.
Keep going and keep practicing and carry on developing your skills :+1:

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