Pencil Sketches NEW bundle evolution

Testing a new pencil


Me encanta la textura que tiene :smiley: :heart:

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Es algo que estoy buscando para el 2022. Nuevos materiales y texturas.


Me encanta lo cercano que se ve al tradcional :open_mouth:

Quizá pueda servirle esto, es un creador de materiales basada en Godot, podría usarlo para simular algunas texturas :slight_smile:


That looks amazing, if the pressure response is good it should work so well. Is there texture on the canvas you used?

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Probably not. In Krita the texture is usually in the brush.

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I am testing a bit and I have several ideas. Thanks a lot for the link

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I thought that was traditional when I first saw this! Nice work.


If i cheated your eye, then is really good! :wink: i know you have managed a lot of brushes too.


Till when can we expect this bundle ? so excited :heart_eyes:

Quite a while ago. :slight_smile:

edit: I think this may be part of the charcoal bundle…

i think this is not the part of the charcoal bundle. because charcoal bundle released in November, 2020 and he posted this exactly after one year. so this might be from some new bundle.

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These are some new pencils, but they don’t have a date to be released. I work on them from time to time.


I am here again, i am retouching a couple of things. Sketching is how i tweak some things and some of them are even “interesting”. Let me know what do you think

I can say, that i am making 3 bundles, so imagine how important i think this it is,


I am gathering the type of strokes we made with a single pencil. Any idea?


Looking good!

Thank You!

Wow, that its super! It is very similar to traditional pencil drawing. I’ve already seen many drawings from before that were similar and a krita was made, but unfortunately I haven’t succeeded yet. Looking forward to the brushes and good testing!

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NEW test comparing real sketch done by the master Chichoni and the brush i am creating for pencil sketches.

I think we are really close to be without TILT feature.


Hi, i need more feedback this thread is so alone to be so challenging. I am trying to hack the reality digitally. :stuck_out_tongue: Well i have a doubt. As i have detected an issue with the texture for the last pencils i have selected another. Now brushes behave more real so my doubt is , do you prefer totally opaque or a bit of grain of maximum. As i am deactivated the random offset i this will be the maximum grain you will achieve. Comments or ideas please. i want to release the bundle the next week