Pencil Sketches NEW bundle evolution

I’m wondering why some pencils are coloring much brighter than others? As you can see, it’s the same color.

I’ve tried most of the modes but that did not work. :thinking:


these brushes are design to mimic real graphite. Select Black and done. You can also hack this deactivation the value option in brush editor if you want to use them as colored pencils.


That is actually what I was wondering as well thanks!

And what do you think about that? would you change them to normal by default no value control by default and allows overlaping? I am listening :slight_smile:

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I’m presently doing a figure drawing and am in utter amazement. I’m presently working on a figure drawing. Just wondering if I should continue with a full render or pick another subject to share. It’s tasteful. Let me know if you want to see the wip to advise. Just started adding tone. I’m obsessed with these pencil brushes!!! :heart:

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I think the settings they are on are great, especially for establishing overall tones. I find white highlights can work if I use a toned background or a darker paper texture. I like having this option because I usually draw with coloured pencils rather than graphite or mix both mediums if I’m doing something similar in traditional. This pic is an example of my traditional work from several years ago using coloured pencils and some white pencil and posca paint pen for highlights:

So the answer is they are fine as is, but I like the option to change them if I need to. Also I think they work more like pastel pencils and really complement your charcoal brush set tweaking the settings to disable value and blending to normal, so it is great to have that option as well.
I have changed one of the brushes to normal and disabled value for the sketch on the right so I could do highlights and darker details on this study.


Sure i want to check everything

Totally in love with your drawings. I think is a good feedback. I need to think about it.



I love this bundle too, but I would love to use them as both colored pencils and graphite pencils. I have been having a hard time with using them as colored pencils, for my sketches and adding color after the line art, but the texture and feel of these brushes really makes me think that I’m drawing traditionally!

Thank you Ramon for making such a wonderful bundle!


This is a WIP, if it isn’t appropriate, I can do another subject matter.


YouTube don’t want to show nipples to avoid problems. So maybe a clothed figure or without nipples … you choose

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Got it!

Hi Ramon,

I was thinking about your question on overlapping and about these as a colored pencil. I was testing out these brushes by overlapping color, and I noticed that they didn’t layer as an oil-based colored pencil, like Arteza or Prismacolors, would have. I was wondering how it would be possible to create an oil-based color pencil that could layer, or if an additional colorless blender pencil would have to be created as well?

Thank you for your hard work at creating such wonderful tools and for listening to our ideas and opinions!

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These brushes has been designed to be Graphite, nor colored pencils. The behavior is different, the look is different. If i see a lot of comments asking for that i will review the set for the V2 but not right now. I have prisma color and FC polychromos, don’t worry.


Oh, thank you. I was just curious about the brushes.

Thank you for your hard work to create something so wonderful!

Thank you for all the hard work Ramon, just downloaded these brushes and can’t wait to start using them. Cheers!

One question Ramon , its there any posibility this could be considered getting or creating a brush that emulates the Mitsubishi brushes that were also used in clip paint studio.
I have seen that you can recreate some texture emulating these pencils that can be used as either lineart or shading at the same time using tilt elevation.
I think it would be very interesting if this brush could be considered in a future pencil bundle set?
(The image of the drawing is taken from the website as an example)




If more people ask for this, it could be analized. but i don’t see anything special about it. MAybe is the feeling you have when making the stroke? that is really hard to reproduce :slight_smile:

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