Perspective & construction tutorials (both basic and advanced!) and other drawing tutorials

There is one Youtube channel that is relatively small even though it’s very useful and helpful. I was always struggling to find some materials on more advanced perspective (I know basics, I want to practice advanced skills), and this channel is one of two resources I’ve found that has been useful for me. The videos are in Polish, but they have English subtitles and I haven’t found a similar resource in English.

The link is here:

Do scroll down or visit the playlists: to see especially the basic tutorials, since there are some series of videos from around 2015 that can come in handy, especially if you don’t know perspective much yet.

There are some videos on subjects like drawing trees and foliage with tips and tricks, there are specific big drawings you can follow along (for example this: showed me how you can actually a draw a landscape, with explanation how to put trees in equal distances and whatnot - I don’t have that one drawn but recently I drew the treehouse instead:

I hope it can be useful to someone.


Thanks @tiar, such hints are worth gold for a beginner like me. I don’t understand Polish but I’m fine with the English subtitles. And these tutorials are excellent!

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No painting assistants, no computer, no ruler, just a sheet of paper and a pencil, that’s all he needs :slight_smile:
I like his clear and direct speaking style and I’ll enjoy watching these, with an A3 sketchpad and a pencil.

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