Petrichor Fragrance of soil after Rain - Part of science project

Krita application is so wide It is a part of my science paper The structure Geosmin; the chemical substance responsible for fragrance of soil(Petrichor) after first shower on dry soil. Please see.For further reading please visit my article on Science Today


So basically soil smells like hydrogen?

@Bleke No, it smells like geosmin :slight_smile:
Geosmin - Wikipedia

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@radiance I think vector artwork would have been better for this. It would take longer to make but be much easier to edit and modify later.
You can also easily use the structures you make in other artwork for future work. Maybe even make them into a vector library?

I suspect that some kind of basic ‘set’ of structures is already available somewhere. It’s a question of finding it.

Here’s a little ‘set’ I made by dismantling the .svg image for geosmin from Wikipedia. The ‘text’ is actually vector shapes that can’t be edited as text.
It would be better to redo them as editable text.
You can use them by copy/pasting to a new image and they’re vectors so you can resize them, rotate them easily, etc:

Chemical Structure Parts.kra

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As far as I can see it’s all hydrogen with a sprinkle of carbon and oxygen.

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The structures explained in wiki are not simple so thestudents can not understand it properly It is for those who are very good knowledge. So I decided to explain the structure in a simple way to make my students understand and have a interest inorganic chemistry.
Basically the structure contains 2 CH3 group and one OH group in two carbon rings surrounded by hydrogen My article is useful to those who have limited knowledge too.

Vector layers I have to learn No idea just in the tool I had seen But as you told it gives more scientific look to the article… Thanks for the detailed discussion.