Photoshop lasso tool + hand tool combo possible in Krita?

Another thing I tend to do frequently in Photoshop is to zoom close to an image, then start selecting a section of it with the lasso tool, and then use the hand tool to pan the zoomed image and continue selecting. While the hand tool is momentarily active after pressing the spacebar, the selection is paused, so that I can move the image to the desired location without affecting it.

Is there a way to do that in Krita? When I use the Freehand Selection Tool (the equivalent of the Lasso Tool in PS) pressing the spacebar does not activate the Pan Tool (the equivalent of the Hand Tool in PS), and the FST is still active.

I’ll try to upload an animated GIF to illustrate what I mean, just in case:

You can do it with the polygon selection tool by holding the spacebar key, or the magnetic selection tool. It doesn’t seem to work with lasso though.

Edit: Oh, also there is another way to select stuff in Krita. Via selection masks. You can select things using brushes. So you can emulate what you want by simply using a selection mask, drawing in the contour then fill it in and the selection will be what you want. It is more precise then the lasso tool.

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I will check that out. Thanks :slight_smile:

Another technique you can use is to do succesive selections, with different selection tools if you like, using Action:Add to cumulatively build up the required selection. You can also switch to Action:Subtract if you add too much at any point.
Between making these ‘part’ selections, you can pan and/or zoom.

I recently selected some complex multicoloured objects by using the Contiguous Selection tool in Action:Add mode followed by the Freehand Selection tool with Action:Add or Action:Subtract to deal with small areas of shortfall or exess in the required selection region.


Great tip, @AhabGreybeard. Thanks!

Happy to help @Sooz. Here are the complex multicoloured objects :slight_smile: :


I would probably have selected them too. :slight_smile:

I’m happy to share. Enjoy :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the very useful suggestions. I am still experimenting with the alternatives presented here to see which one “sticks” with me the best. I have to look for tutorials on how to use selection masks to do that (yep, I’m still THAT of a n00b), but in the short term using Action:Add looks like the perfect fix.

Still, I wonder if it would be too onerous a request to make the pan tool work ALSO with the freehand selection, just as it works with the polygonal selection. I am NOT going to assume that it would be an easy thing to do for the devs (especially with everything they have on their plate), and I certainly did NOT switch to Krita expecting things to be 100% like what I used before… I’m curious if it COULD be done, though. I don’t want to bug people in the Features Request section if this is one of those things that “looks simple” to ignoramuses like me, but that in actuality requires some serious heavy lifting code-wise.

It’s just one of those little things that feel “distracting” for ME, like a splinter in the mind, but are not a deal-breaker. I want to leave PS behind, and Krita is one of the VERY few that’s helping me do that. And if to do that I need also to leave behind a few of those things I got used to in PS, so be it.