Photoshop Multichannel Files Open

Hello Friends,

I couldn’t see the Photoshop Multichannels files in Krita.
I am attaching both screenshots here.

Is it possible for us to open such files?

No, that’s not possible. Krita doesn’t use channels like photoshop does in general (use transparancy masks instead), and doesn’t support spot color channels specifically.

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Thanks for the quick response.

I wonder,
Is this not possible due to the Qt infrastructure?
Or would it be possible to work on it?

It’s nothing to do with Qt: this is internal to Krita. Spot colors is something we want to implement at some point, but, well, we’ve already got hundreds of feature requests and it would be a major project. The way photoshop uses channels to work with transparancy won’t be supported: that’s a place where krita just is different. (And better, in my opinion…)