(Photoshop)PS common brush transfer, with original brush

The following is the translation result of the translation software
I transferred the PS brush that I used to Krita, many of whom brushes should be very familiar with users who use PS, because I am Chinese user, so resources are basically Chinese.
Uploading: 笔刷效果预览.jpg…


:slight_smile: Hello and welcome to the forum @Odzuki and a Happy New Year!

Thanks for your work and for sharing it with the community!


hello!Happy New Year to you, too~ :wink:


Thank you for sharing this, @Odzuki.

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Thank you, really love the brushes. Only 1 brush that is super lag even with small size.

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This is amazing! I was just trying to transfer some brushes from PS to Krita today, and it didn’t go well at all; some of these remind me of the brushes I wanted to have…what a good coincidence.

Thank you for this brush pack, and happy new years!!

Oh, you mean the last brush in the second row
It just deals some details, such as eyebrows
You can use the right click to adjust the angle function to use it

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happy new years :kissing_heart:

Yea its this red one. Super laggy, but others work smoothly


The brush tip “Odzuki-眉眼毛.gbr” has a stately size with its about 4 MB, maybe this is the reason for the lag of the preset “b) Odzuki-过渡-头发丝.kpp”? This brush tip, saved as PNG has only about 114 KB, which is a huge difference, but I’m not familiar with the GBR format, perhaps this way you can add more parameters to a brush tip that the PNG format lacks?


No matter the brush type, once loaded into Krita, the file’s size doesn’t matter anymore, because brush tips are stored as uncompressed pixel data.


Thank you, good to know!


我对勾线笔和一些笔刷进行了优化与改进,并加入了两个我常用的工作区。使用愉快~ :grinning:
Machine to turn over:
I optimized and improved the marker and some brushes, and added two workspaces that I often use


之后一两周内我会介绍每个笔刷的特点和使用方法,以及隐藏的开启选项 :thinking:
Machine to turn over:
In the next week or two I will introduce the features and usage of each brush, as well as the hidden opening options


哈哈哈,来支持下!感谢分享! :smiley: :clap:t3:

Thanks for your share!


orz突然发现有几个笔刷还可以在优化一丢丢,希望强迫症别再犯了 :joy:
Suddenly found a few brushes can also be in the optimization of a drop drop, I hope obsessive-compulsive disorder do not commit again


This is an excellent brush set @Odzuki :slight_smile: !
Downloaded and experimenting…

Thanks a lot for sharing :slight_smile: !


Ohhhhh!is cool :heart_eyes:


强迫症好评! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :clap:t3:

“Odzuki-勾线-0方”This is a cancel the pen, its characteristic is exaggerated bold lines, and row to make the grain line of the time, if you want to use this pen from start to finish, such as sketch, so I don’t recommend use colors, often because of engraving pen reason, lead to different color painted on have conflict, of course, if you like this kind of effect, but you can change the blend mode of engraving pen I most often use this pen for quick sketching, or for small tune exercises. Of course, this pen is also good for summary exercises