Pick color with press and hold?

Hi, I suppose there is no way to configure Krita so that pressing and holding still for 1 sec is equivalent to color picking with CTRL+click?

(My goal is to avoid using the left hand at all when painting :slight_smile: )

There is a way that I can think of.

If you’re using Windows and Windows Ink then you can set it to interpret a ‘long press’ as a right click.
(This often causes problems for people so there are lots of topics where people are told how to disable this in the Windows Ink settings.)

Then, in the Canvas Input Settings, you can disable the usual right-click gives Popup Palette setting, in the Show Popup Widget section.
Then create a setting for right-click does Sample Foreground Colour, in the Alternate Invocations section.

I haven’t tried that but it should work.

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Thank you very much :blush:
In fact I had already tried that, and it doesn’t work. Strangely, it works in the krita tool windows (I see the small circle if I press and hold there), but not in the canvas. (I tried setting both Wintab and Windows Ink in Krita settings)