This started as a flash of a man in a white hat against a bright sky, seen while trying to take a nap. Didn’t get to sleep, and this did take quite a while to finish.


At first I thought they were kissing at a wedding and the thief chose a very inconsiderate moment to do her thing. :slight_smile:

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I mean, it’s a valid interpretation!

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Love this one. Even the doberman is slightly under the spell of the women - he’s curious but not curious enough to tell his human that there’s some naughty stuff going on. Cool use of shadow to obscure the action behind the victim.

Don’t you think that the doberman is considering whether or not to alert the humans that a cat is approaching? :slight_smile:

He doesn’t seem to pay much attention to the thief imo.

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It’ll be honest, I painted the animals on instinct and only afterwards realised I had set up a real debacle. That kind of thing seems to happen to me a lot, let’s call it a method!

I could´nt stop laughing, really funny thing and really well done.

Really nice work - I love the composition! :slightly_smiling_face: