pixel engine + color smudge. what are your thoughts?

people are talking about clone + color smudge…but pixel + color smudge? :thinking: This post on the KDE forum Help me recreate a brush! • KDE Community Forums caught my attention.

The OP wanted a brush like Sai’s marker brush

the closest brush they could find in Krita was the basic_tip_default (krita 3), just a pixel brush with opacity option on.

sai’s marker brush vs Krita’s color smudge brush


@wolthera explains that sai’s marker brush is like a pixel brush but with subtle color smudging. I tried and it is true, the property smear alpha in dulling mode created the brush effect (but it was more thick paint feeling than a pixel brush).



i think having something similar will be nice. there is something special about the look of the pixel brush. will it be too difficult to implement later (thinking about rgba tips, & more)? does krita not need it? what do you think?

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Are you talking about the integration of the two engines in the future? If so, I also very much agree with it. Then I can use Masked Brush and smear together. But I feel it is a certain degree of difficulty.

Different software has different algorithms (sketchbook even has a “marker” brush blending mode)
But have you tried the new mypaint engine in 5.0? I can’t experiment for the time being, but I think it might have the effect you want. Because mypaint’s color mixing is very famous

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The new smudge algorithm that will be in 5.0 may be what you’re looking for. There are still some things that aren’t allowed yet, like masked brushes, but otherwise it works basically like the pixel engine but with smudging. There are some tricks involved with the RGBA brushes that make them a little different, to prevent certain issues that come up with smudging those, but when they’re not smudging, they should act just like the pixel engine.


I was just testing in Krita 5, and managed to layer partially transparent strokes in dulling mode by reducing the strength (opacity) with opacity pressure enabled, and also reducing the smudge length.

As mentioned - the Mypaint engine can also produce similar results; I used it for years alongside GIMP, then Krita because I preferred the smudging.

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Can we try it on the latest krita next build? :hushed:

you answered my question! thanks :smiley:

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this update is wonderful! it is so pleasant to draw with the color smudge brush because it now has a ‘lighter’ feeling!


thank you for reminding me about the mypaint engine, I forgot about it for a moment :sweat_smile:

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I echo this by the way - masked tips would be very useful to create more complex brush strokes!

I don’t know how performant it would be though with so much interaction; especially if it could be enabled with RGBA tips. I can dream though… :drooling_face:

In addition, their combination will bring certain convenience. For example: I have a favorite pixel brush and want to make it a scribble brush. I have to create a new brush and reset its nib, texture and other parameters…

My ideal brush engine is to integrate into one (just like paintstorm uses clone as a “mode”)
Such a brush can not only have complex strokes, but also be able to open smearing and cloning at any time. Maybe the node brush…?


I’m all for the node brush, since that will allow any and all combinations of brush engine features once it’s fully implemented. And it will simplify brushes in a way, because node brushes will only have options for the features they actually use, and if someone wants a brush to have another feature, they just add the appropriate node.

I might take another look at trying to create that engine. It’s just tough to make time for something that big as a volunteer. Might be a good GSoC project for someone, though… :slight_smile:


Now that gsoc has been curtailed, it probably would be too big a project for a gsoc.